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Beaver County Flag Plaza


Beaver County Flag Plaza


Location Details

ADDRESS: Rochester Riverfront Park
Rochester, PA 15074

Event Details

Beaver Riverfest


On Veteran’s Day 2000, the community spirit of Rochester Borough reached new heights with the raising of a 30-by-60-foot U.S. flag. Flying from a 120-foot-tall pole, Old Glory serves as the centerpiece of the Beaver County Flag Plaza.

Located along the bank of the Ohio River, the plaza’s half- acre also features flags from our nation’s past (for example, the 13 stars representing the original colonies). There are granite panels engraved with flag facts as well as the names of the county commissioners, borough officials, and private citizens who donated their time, talent, and money to bring the plaza to life. The granite work was done by local Italian stonemasons who saw the Plaza as their expression of civic pride.

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