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Duquesne Club

Three Rivers

Duquesne Club

Location Details

PHONE: 412-391-1500
ADDRESS: 325 6th Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, George Westinghouse, B.F. Jones, and James Laughlin: the Duquesne Club membership read like a who's who of the last turn-of-the-century powerbrokers.

Founded in 1873, the Club charged a $200 initiation fee and $50 a year in dues. Although the club will not disclose its current rates, rumor has it that it adds up to several thousand dollars. It's also rumored that, in an effort to keep business dealings private, verbal agreements are customary in the Club's dining and public rooms.

The once all-male Duquesne Club (women joined in the 1980s) served as a retreat for Henry J. Heinz, founder of the Heinz Company; Eugene W. Pargny, past-president of the American Sheet and Tin Plate Company; Henry Damon Shute, former vice-president in charge of commercial operations at Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company; and William Wallace Blackburn, former vice-president and secretary of Carnegie Steel Company.

In addition, former astronaut and U.S. Senator John Glenn and golfer Arnold Palmer were members. And, in 1921, the Duquesne Club was the setting for the first speech ever broadcast live on radio. Herbert Hoover, then a government official, was the speaker, and KDKA was the station that carried the event.

Noted for its beautiful Garden Patio Room and elegant parties, the Duquesne Club recently bowed to changing times by relaxing its dress code. At least in some rooms at certain times, jackets and ties are no longer required.

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