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George Westinghouse Museum

Three Rivers

George Westinghouse Museum


Location Details

PHONE: 412-825-3000
ADDRESS: 325 Commerce Street
Wilmerding, PA 15148
HOURS: Wed-Sat: 11am-3pm, or call ahead. Miniature Railroad Display open on Sat.

Event Details

George Westinghouse Fair


Once upon a time, the George Westinghouse “Castle” served as the offices for the Westinghouse Air Brake Company in the Turtle Creek Valley. Now operated by Wilmerding Renewed, Inc., this Victorian Era edifice has begun a new life, serving as office space, an art gallery for local artists, a museum, banquet hall, and even lending space to local community groups and historical societies.

The Westinghouse Museum focuses on the life of George Westinghouse, Jr. Born in 1846 in Central Bridge, New York; he will long be remembered as one of the nation’s most prolific inventors. He began working in his father’s shop making farming tools at a young age and received his first patent, for a rotary engine, when he was only 19. A near-collision he saw while traveling by train inspired Westinghouse to develop the air brake in 1866. This industrial pioneer went on to create hundreds of innovations that changed the world, such as road signals, alternating current, and the first radio station. The museum also looks at Westinghouse’s impact on Wilmerding and surrounding towns.

A walk through the Castle shows the lavish management offices of the former Westinghouse Air Brake Company. With four large conference rooms, marble fireplaces, carpets imported from Scotland, and the Westinghouse logo engraved on each doorknob, it’s obvious no expense was spared. But the Castle also originally had recreational facilities for the workers, including a swimming pool and even a bowling alley!

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Westinghouse Castle is once again buzzing with tours, concerts, and seasonal events.

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