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Harmony Museum


Harmony Museum

Johann Georg RappGerman Weihnachtsmarkt

Location Details

PHONE: 724-452-7341
ADDRESS: 218 Mercer Street
Harmony, PA 16037
HOURS: Tues-Sun 1pm-4pm
COST: Adults: $5; Seniors 60+: $4; Children 6-12: $2; 5 and under: Free

Event Details

Weihnachtsmarkt (German Christmas Market)


At the intersection of Mercer and Main streets sits the Harmony Museum, which interprets the history of the Harmony Society and that of the other groups that have made Harmony a National Register Historical District: the Lenape Indians who lived here before the Harmonists arrived; George Washington’s famous journey through the area; and the Mennonites who followed the Harmonists. The Museum’s main room, kitchen and wine cellar focus on the history of the Harmonists who lived here communally for ten years, with artifacts showing the industries they brought, including wine- and whiskey-making, rope-making, and wool clothing, products that were exported and helped provide for the community.

Once the Harmonists left, Mennonites bought the land and the town for $100,000. The Mennonite Room displays pictures and artifacts from the Mennonites who lived here from 1815 on, including a wall-hanging showing the extensive family tree of their leader Abraham Ziegler. Although the Mennonite Church faded, the name Ziegler remained as the Mennonites intermarried with other members of the community. During the 1880s-1920s, the oil industry boomed in Harmony, employing many residents. The Museum’s last room looks at Harmony’s Victorian Era and the influence of railroads on the town.

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