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Resh's General Store


Resh's General Store

The Resh's

Location Details

PHONE: 724-455-3416
ADDRESS: SR711 S & 2018 Indian Head Rd. (SR1054)
Indian Head, PA 15446
HOURS: Mon-Sat 8am-8pm; Sun 9am-8pm


“Hi, Gladys, how you doing?” asks Pete Resh as he walks through the aisles of his general store. “Hi there, Robbie,” he says to another customer in another aisle.

It’s not surprising that Pete, a.k.a. Clarence Wesley Resh, knows just about everyone in the place. After all, he grew up helping his dad (Charles William Resh) run the store, and now he’s helping his son (Chris William Resh) carry on the family business.

But back when Indian Head was a bustling coal town, a family by the name of Mellon laid claim to the shop. From 1929 to 1940, the Mellons owned and operated the mine, and, in keeping with the practices of the time, they owned and operated the company store as well.

Employed by the Mellons, Charles Resh managed what was then called Sparks Supply Store, selling food and other essential items for scrip, or “jinky tin,” as the locals called the company-issued currency. In 1940, the Mellons decided to shut down the mine and sell their holdings. Charles Resh saw an opportunity to transform the company store into a general, community-oriented shop. Pete Resh was 10 years old when his father became the new owner.

“My father wanted me to go to college,” Pete recalls, “but I told him I like the store. I like the people.” So father and son worked together until Pete bought out his father in 1960. Today, it’s Pete’s son, Chris, who’s in charge. “I think my dad would be real proud,” Pete says.

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