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St. John the Baptist Catholic Church


St. John the Baptist Catholic Church


Location Details

PHONE: 724-869-9758
ADDRESS: 377 Linmore Ave.
Baden, PA 15005
HOURS: Pierogi Sales: Fridays (1st Friday in Oct- Last Fri on April) *Order pierogis in morning, beginning at 6 AM.

Event Details

Pierogi Sales


Mafalda (a.k.a. Muffy) Cappabianco was pressed into service more than 30 years ago when the pastor of St. John the Baptist Church called on her to head a new venture — the pierogi kitchen. “I never did anything like that before,” Muffy recalls. “It was a first for everybody.”

Father Aranowski realized his church could raise extra funds by selling homemade pierogi. “But more than that,” Muffy says, “he also saw that, by working together, members of the parish would feel a greater sense of community.”

His vision remains true today. With Muffy still at the helm, some 60 church volunteers gather every Friday from the beginning of October through the end of April to make and sell some of the best pierogi in town. At $7 per dozen, it’s a tough deal to beat.

Preparations begin on Wednesday when a half-dozen people peel 150 pounds of onions and strain 60 pounds of cottage cheese. Thursday a few good men wash, cut, and boil 350 pounds of potatoes, add sharp cheese to the mix, and get kraut and prunes ready.

On Friday, Muffy’s production line shifts into gear at 5:30 a.m. The dough is prepared, the circles cut out, and the fillings dropped in and pinched closed. The pierogi are boiled, cooked, and served. By 4 p.m., all the plates have been cleared, the pots washed, and the 500-plus pierogi sold.

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