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West Overton Museums


West Overton Museums

WestovertonthumbnailOld Overholt

Location Details

PHONE: 724-887-7910
Scottdale, PA 15683
HOURS: May-Oct: Fri & Sat Noon-6; Sun 1-5; Office & Archives open year round tues-sat 10-4
COST: Adults: $7; Seniors: $4; Youth 7-17: $4

Event Details

Quilt Show, Founder's Day, Tomato Fest


Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine an icon of industry as a child. That’s because history often brushes over those early years as it rushes to paint a portrait of power.

But everyone starts his or her journey in diapers — even Henry Clay Frick. By the time this coal and coke baron died in 1919, he had amassed a fortune and had earned a reputation as a ruthless businessman. But his story started nearly 70 years earlier.

Born in the rural town of West Overton, young Henry’s greatest influence was his grandfather, Abraham Overholt. (Abraham’s daughter, Elizabeth, married John W. Frick, and the couple had six children, including Henry Clay.) The Overholts were part of a community of German Mennonites who had immigrated to Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Led by Abraham’s father, Henry Overholt, the group crossed the Alleghenies in the early 1800s and made a new home in Westmoreland County.

Today, West Overton encompasses 43 acres and is the only pre–Civil War village still standing in Pennsylvania. And the West Overton Museums — consisting of the Overholt Homestead, summer kitchen, wash house, springhouse, big red barn, carriage house, distillery, and other buildings yet to be restored — stand as a tribute to the town and its people, most notably Henry Clay Frick.

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