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Wright House


Wright House

thumbnailPeters Creek Historical Society

Location Details

PHONE: 724-941-5024
ADDRESS: 815 Venetia Rd.
Venetia, PA 15367
HOURS: Phone Ahead


A less-famous pair of Wright Brothers — James and Joshua — arrived in western Pennsylvania in 1764. In 1815, Joshua’s son, Enoch, and Enoch’s son, Joseph, decided to build a house for their families to share. That house now is home to the Peters Creek Historical Society. Founded in 1967, the Society is dedicated to preserving local history for future generations to enjoy. Members have taken an interest in genealogy, coal mining, architecture, and historical sites and activities.

The Society has amassed a collection of memorabilia and artifacts that is displayed in the Wright House. The late–English Georgian vernacular house features two kitchens (one of which has been restored to an early–19th- century décor), two parlors, a dining room, a quilting room, two bedrooms (one with original Wright family furnishings), and a room dedicated to coal mining.

Much of the mining collection, including models, dioramas, lamps, and helmets, was donated by retired miners. But one item, a plaque commemorating the 96 miners and one rescue worker who were killed in the 1913 Cincinnati Mine explosion, was a roadside discard discovered and donated to the collection.

Thanks to the Peters Creek Historical Society, the Wright House remains a work in progress. Renovations continue inside, while outside the Giant Oaks Garden Club is busy cultivating herb and vegetable patches.

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